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Our events

Since September 2021, we've been holding popular event nights in South London's cultural hub, Matchstick Piehouse. Driven by our passion for good music that brings people together, our "Blue Flame Parties" take Friday night to the next level with joyful singalongs and a nostalgic journey through musical history. Each event takes on a different decade of music, with a lovingly curated set list of our favourite hits spanning many genres. Follow us on social media or join our mailing list to keep updated on upcoming events, and come see why the people say: ain't no party like a Blue Flame party!

14.07.2023: Now That's What I Call Noughties (pt.2) 
Photos by Richard Mukuze
16.06.2023: 70s Hits + Motown
Photos by Richard Mukuze
30.09.2022: We ❤️ the 80s
11.02.2022: Now That's What I Call Noughties (pt.1)